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When it comes to what you can and can’t put into one of our skips, sometimes, there can be some confusion. The waste industry is at the heart of environmental issues, which means that legislations can change quickly and regularly do.

At Alan’s Skip Hire, we’re always on the ball when it comes to keeping on top of our environmental commitments, but we also appreciate that our customers can’t always be. So, seeing as we love to help, below we have compiled some brief answers to the most common questions our call centre agents deal with, regarding what you can and can’t put in one of our skips.

Can you put paint tins in a skip?

Yes and no. If the paint tins are completely empty and have been thoroughly washed before putting in a skip, then yes, you can. If, however, there is still some paint residue in the paint tin, or if they are full, or still contain some paint inside, then they cannot be put in a skip.

Can you put plasterboard in a skip?

You can put plasterboard in a skip mixed in with other waste streams in small quantities (no more than a wheelbarrow full) but you must tell us in advance. If you have a large quantity you must have a separate skip for it, and, once again, inform us beforehand. The reason for this is due to the gypsum content contained in the plasterboard, which must be recovered and recycled, where possible, due to EA legislation.

Can you put waste electrical equipment in a skip?

As the recycling of waste electrical and electronic goods is now controlled by the WEEE directive, the disposal of such items is closely monitored. You are able to put domestic items such as kettles, DVD players and the like into one of our skips. If the waste electrical items are from commercial premises, you must have a separate collection and documentation. NO fridges or freezers allowed, as they are classed as a hazardous waste due to the gases, and must also be collected separately and at an extra charge.

If you have waste electrical items you need to dispose of, our sister company, ASH Metal Recycling, is ready to help you. As specialists in the disposal and recycling of WEEE waste, they are able to find any solution you need, and can even provide skips for the disposal of waste electrical items only. You can visit their website at, or alternatively, give them a ring on 01244 888 606.

Can you put asbestos in a skip?

Asbestos is classed as a Hazardous Waste, which means that you must follow certain guidelines when it comes to disposing of it. At Alan’s Skip Hire, we accept asbestos waste ONLY when it is placed in a skip on its own, and not mixed with any other waste streams. If you have asbestos that you need to dispose of, you MUST inform us before you place your order for a skip so we can get the relevant ready.

Can you put tyres in a skip?

Tyres can be put in one of our skips, however, you must inform us, in advance, as there will be an extra charge.

Should you need any more information regarding the above, please give us a call on 0800 195 4707.