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Did you know that Alan’s Skip Hire has been operating for over 25 years?

Probably not, but in this time we’re proud to have not only provided Chester, Cheshire, Wirral and North Wales with a reliable and great value skip hire service* but also for our position in the communities in which we operate.

Whether it is supporting our local sports teams with sponsorships, helping out community initiatives like the upcoming council/police clean up in the Saltney area to doing our bit for charities such as Salford by the Sea and Muscular Dystrophy Campaign, you would forgive us for shouting about it all a little bit.

We also love it when we get a little bit of love back, so we were pleased as punch to have received the following tweet the other day:

@Alansskips your drivers are ALWAYS so courteous when I’m out #riding my horse. Thanks so much! #horses #roadsafety

At Alan’s Skip Hire, we place great emphasis on health and safety in the workplace, whether that is in the office, in the yard or out on the road, so we’re proud that our drivers have been acknowledged for their professionalism and road safety awareness.

So, in the spirit of things, we have compiled a few tips below for overtaking horses and riders on the roads:

Reduce your speed and be ready to stop if needed.
Look out for any signals the rider may give to you.
Be alert as horses can be easily spooked and move into the road suddenly and without warning.
Don’t beep your horn or rev your engine as this will only scare the horse.
Be mindful of oncoming traffic. Only overtake when it is safe to do so.
When overtaking, make sure you stay wide and drive slowly, giving plenty of room to the horse and rider.
Once you have passed the horse and rider do not accelerate rapidly.
On roundabouts, riders will stay on the left until their exit where they will signal left. When approaching exits they do not intend to use, riders will normally point to the right.
*shameless plug.