Fun Facts About Skip Hire………….How Many Did You Know??

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Here are some fun facts about the history of skip hire……… many did you know?

•Skips first appeared in the 1920’s, for use in mining activities. The first commercial skips were introduce in the 1960’s.

•Have you ever wondered where the name ‘skip’ originated from? It came from the Old English Language, originally from the word ‘skep’ which referred to a basket.

•The Highways Act in 1971 meant all skips had to be yellow in colour! Today, as long as a skip is well lit and covered by the correct signage and lights, it can be any colour!

•Skips are an integral part of the recycling world………… else can you get rid of 200 million tonnes of waste a year??

•24 million tonnes of garden waste are disposed of every year……………….that’s a lot of skips!

•Skips used to be only one size, 6 cubic yards! Now there are a huge range available!

•In the beginning, skips cost £5 with an extra 3 shillings for each day of rental! Not including the 7 shilling cost for taking it to landfill!

•Who invented the skip? Alan Partridge once pondered this very question during a radio call in, it wasn’t Bobby Moore like one of his guests suggested………….it was a gent by the name of Edwin Walker in 1922!

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