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Growing up, many of us in the Alan’s Skip Hire office remember the ‘good olde days’ of tv and films and how our aspirations closely matched the shenanigans happening on screen.

When we watched The Goonies we wished to be on a similar sort of adventure with pirates, bad guys and gold. When we watched Star Wars it was to be either Han Solo or a Jedi knight, either one. When it was the Cannonball Run II, we wanted to be driving THAT Lamborghini Countach through America in order to win the grand prize of $2 million.

Whilst none of us own a lightsabre nor are dashing around a coastal cave system looking for some golden doubloons, at least four intrepid Alan’s Skips’ employees can now claim a ‘Cannonball Run-style’ adventure on their CV… except with a totally rubbish car that is!

Known affectionately as the Skip Rats, Andy White, Timmy Bailey, Vaughan Stokes (Cobbles) and Kerry Lloyd conquered the infamous Monte Carlo or Bust Rally on behalf of Cheshire Young Carers.

The rally, which stipulates that the car used must not cost more than £300 and ‘hopefully’ last the journey, is Europe’s biggest banger rally adventure and takes 3 days to complete, starting in Saint-Quentin in France and passing through places such as Turin, Dijon and the Alps, before finishing in the titular Monte Carlo.

Talking about the rally, Andy White said: “It has been an awesome journey and we have had so many laughs. To be fair there are too many moments to mention, but overall it’s been a fantastic experience.

“I suppose, one of the things that I enjoyed the most was when we came across other Monte Carlo or Bust teams on the roads. These were always crazy moments with plenty of tomfoolery going on between the cars and of course it goes without saying that the lads and I are really chuffed that we have been able to do this to raise money for such a worthwhile and local cause.

“Will we do it again next year? Of course we will!”

Speaking of the team’s achievement, Neil Hassall, managing director of Alan’s Skip Hire, said: “Everybody at Alan’s Skips is not only proud of the effort the lads have gone through, we’re also gobsmacked the car survived as we all thought it was a right old banger.

“On a serious note, they have done really well in not only finishing the challenge, but for also raising money for a local charity; it’s a great achievement.”