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Yes! We sell topsoil. Our topsoil is manufactured with independent testing for potentially toxic elements and sourced from sustainable locations.

Our topsoil is sold in bulk loads from 20 MT upward. And we deliver to Chester, Liverpool, Wirral, Wrexham and all parts of the UK, utilising or fleet of 32-tonne tippers to deliver whatever bulk quantities of topsoil you need.

Manufactured Topsoil

manufactured topsoil

We supply high quality sustainable manufactured topsoil which is independently tested by UKAS and MCERTS accredited labs and is available for nationwide delivery.


manufactured topsoil

Supplied loose, our subsoil is suitable for groundworks and landscaping prior to topping off with our quality topsoil.

Topsoil FAQ

  • Where does your topsoil come from?
    Soil is from greenfield sites that are usually stripped prior to development.
  • Natural or Manufactured?
  • If manufactured, are the components consistent and are they sustainable?
    The process is 100% consistent and sustainable.
  • Is it screened demolition waste or skip waste?
  • Will all of my topsoil be coming from the same source?
  • Is our topsoil free of Japanese Knotweed, If yes, can I have it in writing?
    We will certify this in writing.
  • Can I come and view the topsoil?
    Viewing available between 8am-5pm Mon-Fri.
  • How is the topsoil supplied?
  • Is the topsoil available in bags as well as loose?
  • Are rigid tippers and articulated tippers available?
    Just rigid tippers.
  • How far will you go to deliver the topsoil?
    We deliver nationwide, but predominantly to Chester, Wrexham, Flintshire Liverpool and Cheshire.
  • Has the soil been independently tested?
  • Is a sampling protocol used to ensure a representative sample is analysed?
  • Does the testing include analysis of P.T.E.'s (Potentially Toxic Elements?
  • How often do you analyze?
    Every quarter or 2000 tonnes.
  • Who conducts your analysis?
    NRM Laboratories.
  • Does the laboratory conducting the analysis have UKAS and MCERTS accreditation?
    Yes, both.
  • Can I have a copy of the whole analysis report and does it include an interpretive section?
    Yes, available on request.
  • Is the topsoil available all year round and will it be workable when delivered?