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The environment is at the heart of everything we do...

With over 25 years’ experience in the skip hire industry, we have seen it all! From domestic customers renovating a house or garden, to commercial customers completing huge scale site clearances, our range of skip hire options is available to everyone.

Whilst we always put our customers’ needs first and pride ourselves on our reliability and value for money, our position in the waste industry is central to our business. For us, “The environment is at the heart of everything we do” is not just a simple tagline, it defines our business.

At Alan’s Skip Hire, we constantly invest heavily in our staff and fleet to ensure we are always the leading skip hire firm across our service areas.


At our Bretton depot on the outskirts of Chester, our cutting edge Material Recycling Facility (MRF) is fully equipped to deal with huge volumes from every waste stream. Our team of highly skilled waste operatives sort all waste that is processed through the facility and separate it into type, such as wood, plastic and stone for example.

After this process is complete, the resulting waste stream are either baled or collected and sent on to sites across the country for secondary use. Wood for example can be shredded and used to make composite wood products such as laminate, or used in green power generations. Aggregates can be broken down and graded by size and have a wide variety of applications in the building and construction industries.

Our ongoing commitment to recycling


To the smallest minute detail, our commitment to the environment is absolute and is the core ethos that our business is built on.

At Alan’s Skip Hire, we take our dedication to viewing waste as a resource seriously and have a long history of investing in state of the art recycling technologies to allow us to effectively recycle the waste our skips collect. Our latest investment in a BlueMAC Fines Clean-Up System at our MRF in Bretton continues that proud progressive tradition.

trommel fines

In general terms, “fines” (i.e concrete, soil, stone, clay, plastics and fine aggregates) is the term used to define waste streams that are too small for a standard MRF to sort effectively. Traditionally, these fines which have passed through the sorting process, often ended up used as a covering layer in landfill sites.

Our BlueMAC system allows us to recover and recycle more of the waste we collect than ever before. By separating waste material ranging in size from 0-70mm, even more skip waste is reprocessed away from landfill.

These recovered fines can then then be blended with other recycled material, perfect again for a wide range of applications across many industries, or screened and separated as a single sized commodity.