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Using the latest cleaning and screening systems, we can product high quality reclaimed aggregates for use in the construction industry.

Our aggregates are sold sold in bulk loads from 20 MT upward. And we deliver to Chester, Liverpool, Wirral, Wrexham and all parts of the UK, utilising or fleet of 8-wheeled tipper trucks to deliver whatever bulk quantities of aggregates you need.

Reclaimed Fill Sand

fill sand

Ideal for back filling and cable laying, our reclaimed fill sand is perfect for hole filling levelling groundworks ready for paving. Our fill sand is available loose with nationwide delivery available.

Grit Sand

grit sand

Also know as sharp sand, grit sand is perfect to help with drainage, can be mixed with cement and makes the perfect bed for paving. Grit sand is an all-rounder for many construction jobs.

20mm Pipe Bedding

fill sand

Our 20mm pipe bedding is compliant with SHW Series 500/BS EN 13242. Dust and fines are screened out to produce an ideal drainage product.

Graded 6F2 & 6F5 Aggregates

fill sand

6F2 and 6F5 are ideal filling aggregates. Size ranges from 125mm down to dust. This graded crusher run product is mainly used as a sub-base construction and roads, piling and and as a general backfill.

MOT Type 1

fill sand

MOT Type 1 hardcore comprising of quarried granite and limestone aggregates with a maximum size of 40mm down to dust. An ideal hardcore base for most construction tasks./p>

Recycled MOT

fill sand

Recycled MOT consists of crushed brick and concrete with a maximum size of 40mm down to dust. Conforms to SFHW clause 803, BS EN13285.